Q & A About the Eichler Board’s Proposal to Build a 75-Foot Cell Tower

No one wants to be a bad neighbor

Local residents are of proud of the Eichler Swim and Tennis Club but if the members go along with the Board’s proposal to build a 75-foot cell tower on the property, it will become a source of ongoing resentment.

Is it safe?

Proponents of the cell tower claim that it is 100% safe but that’s not what the prestigious National Academy of Science says. In 2008 report (http://www.nap.edu/catalog.php?record_id=12036) the Academy’s blue ribbon panel of scientists identified several “research gaps” about cell phone tower safety including “a need to characterize exposure of juveniles, children, pregnant women, and fetuses.”

Of course there are conflicting studies and it is true that the cell phones we carry also emit radiation, but the Eichler tower will emit signals 24 hours a day and, besides, we have the choice over whether to expose ourselves and our children to cell phones. With the tower, we have no choice.

The tower would be less than 600 feet from Palo Verde Elementary School

Could it impact property values?

Under California law, sellers would have to disclose their proximity to the tower.   Every real estate professional we’ve asked has said that the presence of a cell tower could lower the resale value of nearby homes and the club itself.

Is it Ugly?

Well, the Eichler board thinks it won’t be because it will be disguised as a fake tree. But if you’ve ever seen one these “trees” up close, you’ll probably agree that they are eye sores –especially if they’re towering over our houses up to 75 feet in the air. The tower will dominate the view for several residents directly behind the club.  Would you want this tower next to your house? If the answer is no, then don’t let the Eichler board put it next to our houses.

Is it Worth it?

The Eichler board thinks it will earn $20,000 a year from the tower. That’s a fraction of its budget and comes to only $5.55 per month per member. And that’s BEFORE taxes.  The Eichler’s tax exempt status may require it to pay income tax on revenue not related to its recreational mission. If the club has to pay taxes on this income, it will be closer to $13,000 or $3.60 per month per member.  Is $3.60 a month enough to want you to be a member of a club that many of your neighbors will despise?  Whatever joy you get from the club would be diminished by the knowledge that you’re club is acting like a terrible neighbor.

What can you do?

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