Gathering To Show Opposition to Cell Tower at Eichler Club

Area residents and Palo Verde school parents plan to show up outside tonight’s Eichler Swim and Tennis Club board Meeting at 7:15 PM Thursday November 18th, to show our opposition to the proposed 75-foot cell tower that they want to erect, less than 600 feet from the elementary school.

Neighbors are concerned on a number of fronts:

  • It’s ugly
  • It may not be safe, especially for children
  • It will lower property values
  • It’s not neighborly

Unbelievable Hypocrisy

And, in an amazing act of hypocrisy, even the Eichler Board wrote (in an email to its members) that it’s willing to erect a tower adjacent to other people’s houses, but doesn’t want one erected next door to the club because the club won’t get any money.  “Another motivation for pursuing this project was to head off the possibility of a tower being erected just over the fence from us at a business on East Meadow Circle, where we would have all the visual impact and concerns from some about ambient radiation exposure, yet gain no financial benefit,” wrote the Board of Governors on Sunday.

All we’re talking about here is $20,000 a year which comes to $5.50 per member per month.

Be a good neighbor and join us tonight!

When: Tonight, Thurs November 18th at 7:15 PM

Where: Eichler Club: 3539 Louis Road

Bring a flashlight
Children are welcome

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