Killer App: A Berkeley Researcher Weighs in on Safety

Joel Moskowitz, Ph.D., a Berkeley researcher, directs a research center in the School of Public Health. He participated in a meta-analysis led by Seung-Kwon Myung, an epidemiologist from South Korea. The researchers looked at 23 recent studies of cell phones and their potential link to tumor risk. What Moskowitz had to say might change your mind about your iPhone or Blackberry in his article in the Winter 2010 edition of California Magazine.

While the article focuses on cell phone use and potential health problems, we’re still concerned that radiation from cell towers could be a potential issue with children. Our advice is to locate cell towers away from schools. It’s the same advice being given by experts in countries other than the US, where the cell phone industry still claims everything is safe.

“Another important piece of advice—and by my count about a dozen nations have already issued precautionary health warnings—focuses on children. The concern is that their developing brains are much more vulnerable, and they’re going to have much longer durations of exposure if they start using phones as children. Because it generally takes decades to see brain tumors, and their exposures are starting at a much younger age, they may start having tumors as middle-aged adults. You want to reduce use among children as much as you can.”

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