Palo Alto to Become Testing Spot for AT&T’s Antennas

The City of Palo Alto may be the premier testing spot for AT&T’s Distributed Antenna System (DAS) project.    DAS antennas are smaller and can be mounted on utility poles throughout the city.   AT&T is hoping that these smaller antennas will “pass civic muster more quickly than traditional cell tower deployments…”

DAS systems are interconnected – smaller “nodes” can be utilized throughout the city.    DAS antennas radiate less power than a typical cell tower and can be used to improve coverage in weaker reception areas.

We believe that residents need to know where these proposed antennas will be installed, what they will look like and how they might impact any concerns.

For more information, check out the article in MuniWireless.  You’ll also see an example of what a proposed installation on a utility pole would look like in “spruce green.”

You can also get a view of the AT&T distributed antenna system.

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