AT&T DAS Antennas, Palo Alto Locations

das-louis-palo-altoThis is a DAS antenna, installed on a Palo Alto Utility pole. The antenna is shown at the top. Below the antenna are several equipment cabinets.

AT&T’s original plans include 20 DAS (distributed antenna system) nodes, mounted on City of Palo Alto Utility poles or street lamps. The equipment includes the antenna(s) and equipment cabinets that operate the transmission equipment. You can view a larger map of the proposed locations.

The deadline for any objection to the proposal must be in the City of Palo Alto’s hands by December 30, 2011. The process will then be to have the City Council hear any objections.

Update: The City did approve AT&T’s plans for DAS antennas.

Notice that the number of DAS antennas in Palo Alto is now 80. The original plan was for 20.

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