The Concern

There are two main concerns.  First is the proximity of this proposed project to Palo Verde Elementary School in Palo Alto.  400 students would be within less than 600 feet of a 9 antenna cell tower.

Second is the eyesore.  Why put a cell tower in a residential neighborhood?  There are industrial parks and frontage along US 101 a very short distance from the proposed site.   A 75 foot tree does not make sense.

Cellphone towers emit EMF/RF radiation. EMF/RF radiation may be linked to leukemia and other cancers, cognitive impairment and behavioral problems. Children are most vulnerable to this kind of radiation, especially if they are exposed to it all day, every day, over the course of many years (as our children at Palo Verde Elementary School would be). There are almost 400 children within 600 feet of this proposed site.

According to Gregory Lotz, chief of physical agents at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health: “To err on the side of caution, you would not put them on school grounds.”

Help us stop the placement of cell phone towers near our schools!