The proposed site is on the property of the Eichler Swim and Tennis Club.  The Board of Governors of the club would like to get monthly income from leasing space to AT&T for the telecommunications facility.

This site is less than 600 feet from Palo Verde Elementary School.

Here’s a copy of the plan showing exactly where the tower will be located on the Eichler Swim and Tennis Club property.   Note the close proximity to the tennis courts and swimming pool.

Note that the tower is less than 15' from the one tennis court and about 40' from the swimming pool.

Should you be concerned?  The only group that says, “no” is the cell phone industry.

We can make a choice that uses common sense, caution and evaluates the long-term effects that may be caused by the potential location of this cell phone tower too close to a school (less than 600 feet) and too close to a club where swimmers, tennis players and swim teams may be exposed.